Kalla mej "my dear" och jag är med...

This is MR.HABIB MOHAMED MAHMUUD writing from a political asylum camp here In Soweto South Africa. I contacted you solely to assist me Invest my funds for profit making in your country. I will be very happy and glad to work with you/your company personally To achieve this aim. I would not know if you will be willing to make This possible with me or not. However If you will be able to work with me and advice well on this considering my present situation here in the political asylum camp I will be glad to offer you 20% of the total fund and will invest 80% in your country under your care and supervision as a director on my behalf because you should no how the systems and investments works over there in your country more than I do., 

My dear I am talking about $USD35M (Thirty Five Million United States Dollars) right now, and presently the management board of the financial institution where I deposited this money has written me twice for the claims of this funds because of its long dormancy with them as they said it could amount to seizure or closing of the account for its non operational status.Given to this facts I have written you personally for your partnership in making this a reality with me and I will be very glad if you should come down here after the whole documentation and conclusion to sign the funds release order documents with the financial institution on my behalf for the transfer of the funds to your bank. Can you get back to me so that we will start to make plans for a better investment options that will be beneficial to the both party's. 

Please feel free to get back to me if you are willing to further on the Investments with me or to ask any question whatsoever. I do hope to hear back from you. 

Postat av: Jessica B.

Jävla bedragare!!

2008-11-21 @ 17:56:28

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